Denture Implant Solutions

Denture Implant Solutions

Denture Implant Solutions

Denture Implant Solutions was a featured article in the Health and Wellness section of the Guelph Tribune by Denturist Benjamin Veige.

This article discusses the different options for dental implants that are available here at the Denture Clinic. Benjamin Veige, Guelph Denturist, has remarkable success with this treatment option and encourages everyone struggling with their dentures to come in for a free consultation. Below, you will find the related article.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation please contact the Denture Clinic at (519) 821-1750.

Are you struggling with loose dentures or have difficulty eating due to poor bone support caused by your conventional dentures?

The Benjamin Veige Denture Clinic may have the perfect denture implant solutions for you: implant retained prosthetics.

Retention issues can occur with full dentures, especially in the area of the lower jaw. Often messy adhesives are needed to retain the denture, especially with extensive bone loss that occurs over time. Dentures retained by implants, however, address this problem. Eat with confidence and enjoy the fact that adhesives will no longer be required once the implants are in place.

With new science and advanced technology, incident of implant rejection is a virtual non-issue. Because no pain receptors exist in the bone, clients experience little to no discomfort or pain, and recovery time is limited to a few days to a week. “Most of my clients return to work the same day,” says clinic owner and denturist Ben Veige, “and anyone of any age can ask about denture implant solutions. A 92-year-old just went through the procedure and is thrilled with the result.”

As for affordability, Ben reassures that denture implant solutions are more cost-effective than they used to be. Top that good news with his ability to offer implants at half the cost, in comparison to most other practices! You can also inquire about a payment plan that suits your budget and fitting implants over your existing dentures.

Trusted & Reputable Denture Implant Solutions

Ben has built a solid reputation with his high rate of satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail. No matter what procedure or service you choose, you’ll smile with renewed confidence, thanks to his expertise on all denture issues and his gentle touch. “There’s absolutely no reason why someone with a full or partial set of dentures has to remain dissatisfied,” he notes. “Clients with budget constraints have many different options at the denture clinic. We provide free consultations and zero per cent financing, enabling patients to purchase the teeth they want and require.”

Ben’s full on-site lab for the fabrication of dentures can accommodate most same-day repairs, including a broken or cracked denture.

With over 16 years’ experience in his denture implant solutions, Ben provides a complete set of services including thorough examinations, standard or premium personalized dentures, immediate dentures after surgery, removable partial dentures, implants, relines, and soft liners. Closest to his heart is tooth replacement for all ages – his specialty. He can replace a single tooth or all of them, based on a patient’s needs and budget.

Ben specializes in patients who are transitioning from natural teeth to prosthetic teeth. This transition includes surgical removal of natural teeth and placement of a denture. “This procedure can be very difficult and stressful,” he says. “Our particular care to patients’ needs will dramatically increase their success rate.”

Ben’s high rate of patient satisfaction is due to his established network of Guelph-based professionals, who participate in the overall treatment plan of denture implant solutions. The result is his ability to provide the finest quality dentures, denture repairs, relines and implants that are right for you. Besides providing a comfortable atmosphere with friendly, knowledgeable staff, Benjamin knows his community, having been born and raised in Guelph. He is also a strong community supporter.

“I provide a clean and modern clinic with all the comforts,” he notes, “including free parking and wheelchair accessibility. Victoria at the front desk puts everyone immediately at ease, setting the right tone for your visit. We try to provide a positive, fun experience for each client.” Part of that great experience is his reputation for providing the quality dentures you deserve and renewing your confidence with teeth that look and feel terrific!

The Benjamin Veige Denture Clinic is located at 97 Westmount Road. For your free consultation, call and make an appointment at 519-821-1750. For more information, view Clinic hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request.

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