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Guelph Mercury Tribune Readers Choice 2021 Diamond WinnerOur Guelph Denture Clinic offers quality dentures, denture repair, denture reline and denture implants. Our dentures are custom designed specifically for each patient combining aesthetics and comfort. We take great pride in giving your smile back. At the Guelph Denture Clinic, our goal is to see our patients regain their tooth’s natural function and aesthetics with a new set of quality dentures. We strive to provide the most precise and comfortable fitting of dentures to all of our patients. Experience a higher level of care and attention at the Benjamin Veige Guelph Denture Clinic.

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Regain your smile with denturist Benjamin Veige at the Guelph Denture Clinic!
The Guelph Denture Clinic provides superior denture service in a patient-friendly environment. Options range from standard dentures to premium dentures to partial dentures to dentures on implants. Leading Guelph denturist Benjamin Veige’s unique approach begins with his passion for giving you your smile back. Benjamin strives to provide the best experience when you walk into his state-of-the-art denture clinic. He has a caring demeanor along with a gentle touch and takes great pride in fabricating your dentures. Every denture is unique and is created specifically for you with your needs in mind. Get in touch for a free denture consultation with Guelph's #1 denturist. Learn about our denture, partial denture and dentures on implants options available to you.
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Guelph Denture Clinic Dentures Made FOr You

Standard and premium dentures fit comfortably, are cost-effective and provide all the necessary requirements for missing teeth.

Standard Dentures are designed for the average patient using basic tooth shades and shapes. Provided the client maintains, cleans, and receives regular check-ups, standard dentures will last for many years. Some clients require premium personalized dentures due to difficult oral structures, inconsistent bite or severe bone resorption (shrinkage).

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Guelph Denture Clinic Denture Rebase, Relines and Repairs

Proper care and attention to your dentures ensures a healthy happy mouth and a long life span for your dentures.

Rebasing is a process completed in the laboratory, where the acrylic holding the denture teeth in place is replaced. Relines are extremely important to maintain the fit and function of the denture. They also extend the life span of the denture. Most dentures repairs can easily be done in one day. If your denture requires a repair, it may be indicative of underlying problems.

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Guelph Denture Clinic Implant Retained Dentures

Dental Implants are the recommended and preferred solution to replace all or some of your missing teeth.

Dental implants are a substitute for tooth roots and form a stable foundation for permanent replacement of teeth. Implants support full and partial dentures, providing great stability and comfort. They also help preserve the bone by providing stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth root system, maintaining the integrity of your facial structure.

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Tailor-made treatments

We believe that no two mouths are the same, so no two treatments will be identical. Our standard and premium dentures in Guelph are tailor-made for you and you alone. Benjamin Veige, DD works with you to create dentures that will suit your unique needs. We strive to offer just the great treatments that fit your appearance, the way you eat, and the way you speak.

State-of-the-art Guelph denture clinic

As we are regularly updating our services and equipment, we are able to offer the best possible treatment to sustain your great smiles. Our state-of-the-art facility houses the latest in denture design and technology. Combine this with Guelph Denturist, Dr. Benjamin Veige’s experience and professionalism and you will instantly feel the rewards right after your first visit.

Precision and comfort

At the Guelph Denture Clinic, our goal is to see our patients regain their tooth’s natural function and aesthetics with a new set of quality dentures. We strive to provide the most precise and comfortable fitting of dentures to all of our patients. Regardless of whether you need Standard and Premium dentures, immediate dentures, removable dentures, implant-retained dentures, or just denture repairs, you can expect great results with us. Our unique and effective approaches mean that you can regain smiles and enjoy the beauty of your teeth in no time.