Denture Rebase, Relines, and Repairs

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Denture Rebase, Repair, and Reline

Denture Rebase, Relines, and Repairs

Denture Rebase

Rebasing is a process completed in the laboratory, where the acrylic holding the denture teeth in place is replaced. Rebasing is usually done when the denture teeth have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material. This is a cost effective way of providing a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth.

Denture Relines

Over time, your denture will lose its fit causing soreness, looseness, rocking and food entrapment.   We can reline the tissue bearing surface of the denture to restore the optimal fit of your denture.   On average people require a reline every 2-3 years. Other possible reasons for a Reline might include the following:

  • loss of weight
  • loss of teeth
  • loss of bone
  • aging
  • disease or illness
Denture Repairs

Most repairs can easily be done in one day. If your denture requires a repair, it may be indicative of underlying problems, including age of the denture, worn teeth, or poor fit.

In most cases, your denturist can restore an existing broken or cracked denture. Repairs may be required when breakage or chipping occurs, when one or more teeth need to be added to an existing denture (due to tooth extraction), or because of wear and tear.

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