Implant Secured Dentures

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants provide a solution to the long-time problem of ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. A dental implant is a small dental " post" or "screw" that is placed in the jawbone as an artificial substitution for a natural tooth root. This provides a strong foundation to support or secure a partial or full denture.

Dental implants are the closest possible replacement for natural teeth, and the optimal way to restore your natural smile. They have a long clinical history and an excellent success rate.  Dental implants can be used to replace single lost tooth or many missing teeth.

Why are Dental Implants a Good Choice?

Dentures secured on dental implants are more stable and feel more real than conventional dentures. When dentures are secured and more stable in the mouth a greater variety of foods can be chewed effectively without dislodging the dentures. Often harder and more nutritious foods can now be introduced into your diet, since chewing them effectively is no longer an issue. Many patients who have chosen implant secured dentures are pleased and comfortable for the first time since they lost their natural teeth.

Who can have Dental Implants?

Those considering dental implants to help secure their dentures should consult with Benjamin Veige. During this consultation you should expect to discuss the advantages of implant treatment. A realistic time frame and a dialogue of all costs that may be expected should be discussed , to help you make an informed decision.
A consultation appointment and thorough examination will also be required with the implant placing Dentist, who works closely with the Benjamin Veige. The Dentist will assess whether you are a good candidate for a dental implants , an x-ray or CT scan may be necessary. This is a simple and painless picture that provides valuable information for the placing dentist and the ideal placement of implants.

The collaboration and the communication shared between you, Benjamin Veige and the dentist is essential. Through the consultation, examination and planning for dental implants, it will be determined whether dental implants are the right treatment for you, and the number of dental implants required to meet your expectations

What is the process for Dental Implants?

* Make consultation appointments with your Denturist and Implant placing dentist to determine if dental implants are right for you.

* Several visits will be required with your Denturist ( for the dentures to be fabricated and to be secured on the dental implants) and with the dentist ( to place the implants and to ensure , after a period of healing , they are integrated with the jawbone.

* Checkups should be scheduled at regular intervals with: your Denturist, Dental Hygienist, and Dentist. Together your dental team will provide you with the dental care your implants require for your optimal dental health.

Call the Benjamin Veige at the Denture Clinic today to book your free consultation and to be on your way to an improved confident smile!




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